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Our Vision    


Nagarta Communications is a commercial enterprise. It was established by investors and professionals who strongly believe in the power of the radio and its efficacy in the mobilisation of people and communities for the pursuit of public good.

The vision of Nagarta Radio is to fill the yawning credibility gap which exists today among most media establishments in Nigeria - both print and electronic.

To achieve this, Nagarta Communications established the Nagarta Radio Board and Management comprising eminent and experienced Administrators, Managers and Professionals of proven integrity. These are people from all walks of life, who have distinguished themselves in the service of their fatherland, and whose unassailable character will form the bedrock of integrity and service delivery of Nagarta Radio.


In view of the low literacy rate of most developing nations, radio has become the main source of socio-economic and political communication, which forms the foundation for the establishment and sustenance of solid democratic institutions and democratic culture and practice.

Accordingly, Nagarta Radio, an independent commercial radio station has been established and equipped with a 50kw transmitter (Dx Density Transmitter), the most innovative medium wave transmitters in the world from HARRIS.

The Station transmits on 747 KHz frequency Range.

Nagarta Radio operates in accordance with the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) Act No. 38 of 1992 and the NBC (amended) Act No. 55 of 1999, and all rules and policies of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) that pertains to commercial radio broadcasts.

The Nagarta Radio Mission is to:

  1. Serve the general public by providing a variety of high quality programming that serves the diverse interest of its listenership, particularly in political, economic, social and cultural issues;

  2. Maintain a high standard of quality in content, presentation and technical competence; and

  3. Maximize the commercial value of the station.

Nagarta Radio: Our Objectives

As an independent commercial radio station, Nagarta Radio shall among other diverse interests, fulfill the following objectives:

  1. Provide programmes, information and informed commentaries on political issues, with a view to enlightening the citizenry of the benefits of sustaining democratic culture and practice.

  2. Provide programmes, information and informed commentaries on general economic, agricultural and related issues;

  3. Provide programmes and information and informed commentaries on arts, science, technology and culture generally.

  4. Present information and discussion of significant issues such as international affairs, human rights, etc, thereby contributing to the development of an informed citizenry.

  5. Convey the diverse religious and cultural richness of our society and by presenting it, widen and deepen the concept of religious and ethnic tolerance among Nigerians;

  6. Develop diverse local programmes in support of other mass education agencies to educate the general populace in the areas if general education as well as social and health problems challenging the society, such as HIV/AIDS, Water-Born Diseases, Malaria, V V F. Polio and other related issues;

  7. Encourage listeners to enrich their lives through music and the arts, thus widening their insights concerning life's experiences and the relationship between individuals, society and our cultural milieu; and

  8. Provide listeners with information on employment, training opportunities in various fields.

  9. Provide training opportunities not only for staff of Nagarta Radio but for practitioners in similar organisations.


Bala Usman Speech at
Nagarta Radio's Inauguration



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